Saturday, February 7, 2009

life is great

All i can say is i think i am the happiest person alive right now. Holy cow. MY VOICE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. AHHH!!!! I love it!!!!! Its amazing(: Im so happy(: so is my family.. cuzz now they dont have to listen to me talk in that freaking annoying voice(: I love my voice(:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Scope...

So.. Today I went into the ENT to get a scope and as i was sitting there and the doctor was talking to my dad cuz i guess he takes care of her kids or somethin and they started sayin all this stuff that could be wrong like: a paralyzed vocal chord or a tumor on my vocal chords and just like all this stuff that sounded horrible so that freaked me out BIG time. So i just stuck my ipod in so i didnt have to listen to them haha. So when she got ready to do the scope i was gettin a little teary-eyed cuz i was so freakin scared and she was gettin the tube ready and my dad grabbed my hand and told me to squeeze as hard as i wanted and i started squeezing.. and.. it honestly wasnt close to as bad as i thought it would be. I pretty much couldnt feel it at all.. only when i swallowed it kinda hurt. But she looked and my dad looked at it.. and i just have laringitus and it was caused by some viral thing and something to do with acidy stuff... but idk cuz i wasnt paying attention. ha. She went on to tell me that i cant eat foods with acid in it.. so i cant eat chocolate, orange juice (which i just recently found out that i love it) like tomato sauce, peppermint (no mint gum!!) or any spicy foods, so that means no Cafe Rio thats my freakin favorite restaurant!! Im so sad. I like cant eat anything. And i have to like totally watch what im eating.. like i cant eat too much or too little at meals.. ugh. its so stupid. i hate this. i just hope it will go away soon.

Friday, January 9, 2009


So.. its been like three months again since i last updated.... sorry bout that.. but my life is so freakin boring!! First semester ended today.. and i have the worst grades ever!! I think i have like a 2.0 yea.. im in trouble.. but the only reason they are bad is cuz i missed the week before christmas break cuz ive been sick. So its not technically all my fault.. well it kinda is.. But.. ive had larengitus (idk how to spell it) for seven weeks now.. its horrible!! I hate it!! So everyone at school is asking me when im gunna get my voice back and i just keep telling them i have no idea im not a doctor.. haha but ugh i hate not having my voice!! Pretty sure i forgot what my normal voice sounds like.. jk but its been so long. Oh and now all my friends are calling me Batman.. I sound like Batman. They all keep telling me to say all these lines from Dark Knight.. im the best at saying "Don't hurt the kid" and "Where are They?" hahah its awesome. But i also hate it. I got my phone taken away.. for forever. So i pretty much dont have a social life.. which is sad that my life depended on my phone. Uh... im a manager on the guys freshman basketball team and i LOVE it. Its SOO much fun!! And like every girl at my school is jealous of me(: hahah. We are doing really good this season tho. I think our record is like 6-2.. so thats pretty good. We had a game against Mt. Ridge Jr. yesterday, they are our rivals, and we won them 48-36 i think.. so it was good. It was the most intense game ever haha. It was amazing. We lost our first game to Timberline and it was the worst game we've ever played.. we're playin them again in like two weeks and the guys were sayin how they are gunna kick their butts haha. And our second loss was to Lehi which is the best team in the league and we were up by like twelve the whole game til the last three minutes.. the final score was 56-51. It sucked. I will probably post some pics from the game yesterday like tonight or somethin. So thats pretty nuch my life right now. Pretty boring. Uh.. I will probably like post again in like two months when something else exciting happens haha.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


It has been i think three months since i last updated haha sorry about that..i just have absolutely nothing going on in my life! It's so boring! I cut my hair a few weeks ago:):):) and i pretty much love it!! But i didn't realize that its like ten times harder to do cuz i have to like blow dry it and stuff. It's only been a few weeks and it's already growing out like alot cuz its so healthy haha. The term just ended yesterday and i have the best grades i have had in um like forever! aha i think my lowest grade is a C+ and that was because my spanish teacher is annoying and doesn't kno how to teach..literally he is a sucky teacher but anyway my grades are so good and im SO happy! I think my mom and dad will be happy too when they see them:). One of my best friends just moved to Orem yesterday:( that was like honestly pretty much depressing but yeah...Our freshmen B team has been undefeated all seaon and every single game they have played they have like injured so many players so all the coaches for all the other teams said they didn't wanna play us in play-offs so they sent us straight to the championships and today we played our championship game and we lost our first game. It was pretty sad. The score was 30-7....everyone was so mad. Aha it was pretty sad that it just had to be our championship game was the one we lost aha...but mom is like really sick right now..she has like pnemonia..its so sad!! I hate seeing her sick! Its so sad..she like can't breathe and she's really sore and she keeps getting these really really bad migranes:( She has been in bed for a week now and she is like dying because she can't do anything. She keeps telling me how bad she wishes she could get out of bed and do laundry or the dishes and she can't so she is so annoyed with being sick. So phone is being so stupid!!! It like won't charge and i have to tape my charger to my phone for it to work! The screen will turn blue then just like randomly turn off!! It's so annoying!!! Pretty sure thats as bad as it can get before it is totally broken. Haha. So i think i need a new one haha. Last night two girls got in a car accident and one of them died and the other is in critical condition. I don't kno how it happened but it's so sad. Oh my gosh!! On thursday night me jes jenna and a few of their friends went to see High School Musical 3 at midnight! Hahaha the theater was like full of teenagers and like 2 little kids ahah. but anyway...thats pretty much my life right now..pretty boring huh? haha

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School!!

I am really sorry that I haven't updated for so long. Haha so I hope you all are happy!
On August 18 I started my first day of ninth grade! It was so much fun. I got home from school and I thought something was seriously wrong cause i have never had that much fun at school in my life. It was weird. So I was really excited to be in school if it was gonna be like that everyday. But now that i have been in school for a week reality has finally kicked in and i realized that school is not fun. I have so much ridiculous homework! In English we have to do this stupid assignment where we have to bring in five objects of what a memory is. It is pretty much pointless. I hate to say it but when your in ninth grade no one really cares about someone else's memories. It's kinda sad but it's true. So it's pretty much a lame assignment, but oh well haha. Its weird being at school and not having anyone older then us. Me and my friends will walk down the hall and wonder where all the ninth graders are then we realize that we are the ninth graders. Its weird. Joanie is in kindergarten..its probably the weirdest thing cause it seems like two days ago she was laying in bed at Primary Children's just after she got her head surgery..She is growing up so fast. It kinda makes me sad.

These are my baby sisters starting 7Th grade.
Its sorta weird seeing them at school.

This is Jess and Jenna its still dark outside cause they had to go
early morning seminary. haha They wake up at like 5:00 am and
Jenna woke me up. I was pretty upset haha not really. Jess is a senior
and Jenna is a sophomore.

This is me and my favorite little bro Jeff. I can't believe
he is in 3rd grade! I am a Freshman!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I haven't really updated my blog lately because I can't take pictures of anything because my camera broke..I was so mad when I found out! It was on the Fourth of July and I don't keep my camera in a case cause i don't know why but ya. My camera was sitting in my purse and someone stepped on it and the screen shattered! I was furious! But I was mad for two reasons, one being that I left my camera in my bag with no case and second because someone wasn't paying enough attention to realize they stepped on my purse but i guess that means that its time for a new one and this is a picture of the one i want!

So i guess I'll eventually get over it. Lol. This is a really nice camera so I am really excited but i think it'll be awhile before i get it haha. The only problem is that it is super expensive!:( So i guess i have to save my money:( haha

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Zoo

So on Monday my dad had work off so we wanted to do something fun as a family. So on Mon. morning we went to the zoo. It was so hot but it was also a blast. But we didn't get to see the new tiger cage thing:( Oh well though. Joanie wants to go again on her birthday.(Ya right tho)lol. But while we were there we went to the bird show and it was pretty fun i guess..We saw this cute kid and i managed to get a picture of him!!!!!!!haha too bad he's probably like 18 lol

here's the cute kid his name is Axle weird huh...that's not a very good pic of him tho.
this is the best pic i got of the birds:)it's a bald eagle i think?....

here's my parents! Cute huh! lol
We were by the elephants and we were looking in the pond thing and we saw a momma duck with baby ducks following her! It was so cute they were all in a little line! haha